Beards and Maturity

First off I’d like to thank for some of the funniest graphics pertaining to Beards I’ve ever seen! They either make you laugh, think, or both.

I’m sure the members on my site are tired of hearing, er reading, me go on about beards ‘maturing,’ but I must! lol   As a beard wearer myself with many years of listening to other Beardos and watching their beards grow over time, I’m going to stick my Beard out and put forth my theory. lol

It is with some disappointment that when we grow our first beards, we have patches and thin spots. Some  deal with this and some will shave on a regular (non-daily) basis in hopes that doing this will kick-start new growth.(Myth)  My own beard used to be quite patchy and I found on several occasions having to try to explain that to other people. After all these years, I’ve come to realize that Beards ‘mature’ over time, independently from the wearer.  Even men in their 30’s and upward who start their first beards will note the same issues; patchy with thin spots.  My theory is that our Beards, when left alone, sans trimming and shaving, will fill iin over time and become quite full all over the face.  All Beards will mature, but it seems that trimming and shaving retard this natural process.  I must qualify my use of ‘mature’ here too. I’m not saying that this process of ‘maturing’ happens in weeks or months, but years. Live your life (with your Beard) and leave it alone; forget about it.  Then one day you’ll be looking in a mirror and start to note there are fewer patches and thin spots; your Beard is maturing.   This also makes much sense too if in our ancestor’s societies, the Chief was the strongest man with the biggest beard. No youth could hold this post to be sure, even if he were strong.  Without the intimidation of a mighty beard (Hey Aldon!) your presence and stature would be questionable I’d think.

As many Beardos will tell you; a Beard requires time, commitment, patience, and dedication.  Facial hair is as natural as leg hair or underarm hair, OR even eyebrows.  It serves a purpose and surely doesn’t grow there because your body has more hair to grow and that’s the only place to do it.  Same as there’s a reason why only men grow Beards; women, in ancient society, generally did not go out on major hunting expeditions nor on ‘malitaristic maneuvers.’  Those were the jobs of the male sex and the males grow the beards.  I do believe beards mature over time and even as a natural phenomenon, this makes sense too.. A young man would be ill equipped for hunts, if in fact beards played a protective role; ie, protecting our necks from softer blows and perhaps even from the teeth of wild animals, and the weather.  There is a study that I posted here on Beards and reasons to wear them. It is mentioned in this study that not only would a beard protect the neck from nature and the elements, but also filter what we breath in. The research suggests that men with beards have a lower chance/risk of gum and throat disorders.  As young men with new beads, they could be detremental to the group on hunts and ‘military maneuvers’ as they could fall faster without that added protection.

As they aged and their beards matured, they’d be better protected and would surely be expected to participate in all the activites the men of the tribe did.  I do believe my theory, but wish someone would do some ‘serious’ research on this. Most of the male of our species grow facial hair and this research could and would have an effect I think, on Fashion and our Society’s ideas about men with beards.

So if you’re a young man and starting out on your first ‘Beard,’ being aware of this should help lessen any anxiety about those patches and thin spots.  They are completely natural and will slowly disappear over time!

‘As the Beard Matures, so does the Man.’


About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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