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“Bearded” is the key word in our name. We are here for ALL bearded men the World over; whether they be Gay, Straight, Bi, or Transgendered. We are also here for ALL fans of facial hair; whether they be male or female. We are here to make friends with new Beardos, share care techniques, have fun, and spread the word that bearded men are not ALL drug addicts, criminals, or other ne’er do wells. It’s a “men’s movement’ of sorts. We ignore pressure to be ‘clean shaven’ which in itself is a bad phrase. Simply ‘shaven’ or ‘smooth shaven’ works much better. The first term implies beards are dirty and nothing could be more wrong. We are also here to educate people; ALL people.

The writing of this blog has been building for about a week now. From random reports I’ve gotten to status updates for all to see; it’s apparent there’s a misunderstanding here with some members. The name of this site is ‘The Society..’ That term includes Everyone by definition, for the most part. The next part is ‘…of Bearded Gentlemen.’ That’s a bit more specific in scope and narrows ‘The Society’s fan base. ‘Gentlemen’ is also in there, suggesting we’re friendly, helpful, and polite. Now please note, the site’s name is NOT ‘The Gay Society’, nor ‘The Black Society’, nor The Heterosexual Society.’ If Anyone feels that they are being harassed in any way, shape, or form, PLEASE contact me directly and the offending party will be banned. This is not a witch hunt either, so I will investigate before just outright banning folks.

Wearing the Beard is many things to as many different folks. It’s a sign of manhood, of individuality, and for some even a fetish. That’s all fine and well. Wear The Beard with pride and be the ‘you’ nature intended you to be. (if you so choose) Not everyone wants a beard to their feet. Not everyone wants to wear a Goatee or Chin Straps. Whether you wear Mutton Chops, Full Beard, Hollywoodian, Goatee, Chin Puff, etc, ALL are considered ‘types’ of Beards. I will note here that it does seem though, that men who do go for what we refer to as ‘terminal’ usually don’t or won’t go back to a short beard; usually. lol ‘Terminal’ is the longest one’s man beard will grow; for some it may be 6 inches or could be 15 inches or 30! It varies by man and is all genetics.

I started this site over 3 years ago to fill a void that was going to be created when another site, closed it’s doors. At the time, I was ‘widely’ know on line as ‘Buddha Bear’ which implies that I’m Gay (and I am). I have since dropped the use of that moniker in 95% of the sites I’m on. It definately gave folks the impression this was a Gay site; and it’s not. I now put my name, my full name on the site, and I will not have my name associated with smut. I am a Gay man, and very proud of who I am, which is much more than just a ‘gay’ man. I as many people do, want a guarantee of equal rights. Rights we all should share as Americans, as humans. Those rights however do not give me carte blanc to harass men; gay or straight. To hit someone up on chat, someone I don’t know, and after saying hello, asking about their genitalia is wrong. If you know someone personally and are in private chat, that is YOUR business, but random harassment will not be tolerated here.

I love our site, and it is OURS! Many of us here have been cyber friends for years; some of us ARE Gay, some of us are Straight too. Some of us are Conservative, some are Religious, some are Liberal. Some of us are Atheists, some are devout Buddhists. Some of us are Black, some of us are White, some of us are Asian. We are from all over the World, all walks of life, all professions. Respect and Civility are key in meeting new people and getting to know them. Once you’re ‘friends’ and can joke or whatever, what you chat (in private) or in messages about is your business. Please don’t assume everyone is into your mindset or thought processes though. (Cause they’re not)

I’ll step down off of my soapbox now, but did feel the need to express my concerns over this situation. All people are welcome here; period.

About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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