VitaBeard and My Beard

I like to share my experiences with products I try for bearded men. I’ve done it with many product reviews on my site ( and an article on Biotin here; see below.  I’ve started taking a mutli-vitamin since I turned 50 in August (2012) and had just ran out of my Centrum Silver.  Previously I had read about a product, a vitamin, called VitaBeard by DO Vitamins out of Las Vegas, NV. and the description says it’s a good multi-vitamin too.  Well running out of my regular vitamin and having some extra money in the budget at the same time, I figured I’d order some and check it out.



Centrum Silver is a multi-vitamin for men/women over 50 so it has a rather large list of Vitamins and Minerals it contains (@ roughly $10 for a 1 month’s supply).  VitaBeard ( @ $29.99 for 1 months supply) is a dietary supplement that claims it’s good as a multi-vitamin too, but if you look at the product label, it’s rather heavy on the B Vitamins, and pretty much only the B Vitamins ( B Vitamins are noted to aid in hair growth and health.).  This product is however, advertised for beard growth and Centrum Silver is not.   This supplement has higher doses of most of the B Vitamins than Centrum.   I’ve been taking it for about 6 weeks now and shortly after receiving the product, I became over zealous and ordered a second bottle (for research purposes of course!).

Here’s the product label for  VitaBeard.


Here’s the Product Label for Centrum Silver;


I can’t say I’ve noticed any ‘results’ from taking VitaBeard; positive nor negative.  I believe my beard is at it’s Terminal Length, so I really wasn’t expecting to see additional growth/length in my Beard.  It seems* a bit more thick, but that is most likely my imagination. lol  The label does say if you’ve gone gray due to stress that your natural hair color may return!  I’m assuming my hair did NOT go gray due to stress.  I’ve not really had any issues with split ends in my beard so I can’t say if the product helps with that issue. I also cannot say my Beard is any healthier than it was when I was taking my regular multi-vitamin.  It’s not falling out so I guess it’s not doing any damage!  One big difference is that with my Centrum Silver, I took one pill per day; with VitaBeard I take 3 pills per day (the guide above says 1 pill is 1 serving, but the directions say to take up to 3 a day with meals.  The latter also has an unpleasant odor which can make it hard for me to swallow them if I get a whiff as the pill goes in my mouth. (Not that vitamins are noted for being fragrant though!)

VitaBeard  contains Biotin at 750 mcg or .75 mg and Centrum Silver has 30 mcg or .o3 mg.  According to VitaBeard’s label, it’s 250% of our daily requirements. Our bodies produce Biotion naturally and in sufficient supplies, so the U.S. Government has not set an RDA for Biotin, best I’m aware of.  I’m currently taking 5000 mcg or 5 mg of Biotion per day in addition to what’s in VitaBeard.  The only side effect of taking Biotin that is quite obvious to me is that my nails are growing at an astounding rate now. I’ve noted no effects with my hair nor beard though with Biotin.

02/13/13 Well I’ve purchased a third bottle of this product now, though I still can’t say it’s  affected my beard/hair in any way. I figure though it can’t be bad for me…hhmmm. lol I’ve decided to stop shaving my head for awhile to see what my hair looks like. I’ve been shaving it since in early to mid 1990’s, before I was gray. I’ve noted it seems to be growing rather fast, or maybe it’s just grabbing opportunity by the horns and growing since I’ve stopped shaving it. 🙂

I will hopefully add to this post in the following weeks as I finish up the 2nd bottle of VitaBeard.  🙂

Thanks for taking the time!

Gary W Norman

About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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13 Responses to VitaBeard and My Beard

  1. I am in fact delighted to read this weblog posts which includes plenty of helpful facts,
    thanks for providing these kinds of statistics.

  2. Kirk says:

    A month and a half later, any changes or improvements?

  3. Rick Johnson says:

    what about now cause i thought about buying some

  4. dan says:

    What one do you recommend then?

  5. mahadev maity says:

    I want buy this product. So give me your number. My phone no 7797151834

  6. jahanzaib qureshi says:

    i have little beard and moustache, and i want thick beard, so what can i do please help me 😦

    • Best things to remember when growing out a ‘stache or a beard are Time & Patience! Beards take time to mature 🙂 Take good care of yourself physically (eat right, take vitamins if your diet is lacking), and take good care of your skin and facial hair.

  7. Geovanni says:

    I’ve been taking vita beard, I’m still on my first bottle, I got about 20 pills left, and like u said my nails are growing faster, but I’ve also noticed my mustache is getting longer and thicker then before, I’ve also notice a little bit of change on my beard not a lot but I can tell it’s looking fuller then before

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