Registering a Logo – The USPTO

I have to say little did I know about this topic, but I’ve learned a good deal (I think) in the last few days.  I am in the process of trademarking my site’s logo as designed by a design house in San Francisco, CA.  This is very confusing to me, and not being able to sit down with an attorney initially and ask questions is a drawback, but I’m figuring this out, slowly. I am using LegalZoom to handle this process, thankfully. I was unaware at how pricey trademarking is, at least to someone on a disability income. It’s also a long process.

After you’ve chosen whom you want to handle this affair of trademarking, and paid the price, you then have to be very accurate as to what you want trademarked. Logos, words, whatever. There’s an application that needs to be filled out and you have to pick a ‘class’ to register under. ‘Classes’ pertain to products or services you wish to use the logo on or with. It’s not near as easy as it sounds either. You can only choose one class at a time too, otherwise you have to pay $400 for each additional ‘class’ you pick.

With my logo in particular, it includes latin words, and the exact translation must be given. I know little about the Latin language, except for legal terms as I studied ancient Roman Law in college. Understanding legal terms in Latin is not knowing the language though!  In Latin, they omit the verbs, but the endings on the words tell you what is being said. On my logo ‘MULTAS BARBAS GENTEM UNAM’ translates to ‘many beards (make or form) one nation. If the endings ‘-as’, ‘-em’ and ‘-am’ are different, then the phrase takes on new meaning. MULTIS BARBAM for example means (I think) ‘many barbers’ and I surely don’t want that in the logo for a beard oriented site! lol  When trademarking, you also have to make special note of words that appear in all capitals, or italics, etc.

After you get the application sorted out, the next process will be to talk with an attorney and this will start the finalization of the process. Once in the attorney’s hands, they will begin exhaustive research looking for any similarities with my logo (and wording), and any other registered trademark. This process takes 6-8 months to complete.

Once the trademarking process is done though, I will have legal protection for the logo and of course will be able to take appropriate legal action against offenders. I’m rather excited about this which is also part of what’s causing my confusion I believe; not thinking clearly. This gives me great relief and am looking forward to owning a registered trademark!

The logo I’m trademarking is below, as designed. I say ‘as designed’ because after chatting with Legal Zoom the other day, I removed the wording, except the Latin that appears in the circle. Now I’ve added it all back. I’m going to drive these folks crazy I’m sure by the time this is said and done!


About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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