Cost of New Orleans Sept 2013

 Well finally after a few months past, I’ve decided to tally the bills from my trip to the 4th Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships in New Orleans, LA Sept 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2013. The hotel accommodations were covered by Bluebeards Original.

The rental car                $262.00

Tire/Towing                   $116.00

Gasoline                        $157.73

Food                              $  14.00

Tolls                               $   8.25

Souvenirs                      $103.35

Cash                              $140.00

Total                             $802.33 

Tire reimbursement    +$ 71.99

Adjusted Am’t.              $730.34

my monthly income is $1300, but mind you, this experience was awesome and priceless! I met so many cool folks at this competition, I’m still reeling from it months later.

About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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2 Responses to Cost of New Orleans Sept 2013

  1. Ronald Coleman says:

    The experience is “priceless”

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