B.O.M.B. Miami – School of Facial Hair Excellence 2013

I managed to make another competition in 2013 besides the Nationals in New Orleans in September and this was the comp in Miami, FL. It was a 4 hour, uneventful trip south and Tobacco Road was easy to find with my GPS. Thankfully had no issues with the rental car this time either.



Photo by LENZ Productions of Miami, Florida USA.

I arrived at Tobacco Road about 5 pm and I believe the comp started at 8. Gave me time to schmooze and chat with folks like Brian Damaged of B.O.M.B, and Scott Stebbins. Both great guys. Tobacco Road is a lovely spot, cozy, and has a charm all it’s own and it’s owner, Oski is a great guy, full of energy, and very nice. I love meeting folks and this was a great place for a competition. I was able to meet many folks I’d wanted to for awhile now; Jon Rice, Chelsea Easterling, Austin Buhchanan, Richard Sydney, and others. I also ran into friends I’d met in New Orleans in September too; Bill Holbrook , Grizzly Stonewall Jackson,  Chris Kriskovic, Paul Roof, and others. I also met many new folks such as RedBeard, Staniel McFranklin, and Adam Conslavo. All great folks, easy to chat with and all cool. 


Brian Damaged and myself inside Tobacco Road.

I had a great time in Miami and the competition was organized and well done; Kudos to the crew at B.O.M.B. Jessy Lee was there taking pics (and her photography is sweet), as was LENZ Productions of Miami, being the Official Photographer I gathered. 


Me with Paul Roof of Holy City, Charleston, SC.



Selfie with Chris Kriskovic of Madison, WI.


Bill Holbrook (TN), myself, and Adam Consalvo (GA)



Chelsea Easterling and myself before the competition.



myself with Brandon Bytell of North Florida.



Scott Stebbins of B.O.M.B. Miami and myself



Crazy Selfie with myself, Mikey Steel, Grizzly Stonewall Jackson, and…?


I had a lot of fun in Miami that night and am very happy I was able to attend this event. Again, Kudos out to B.O.M.B. Miami (Scott Stebbins, Brian Damaged, Jessy Lee, Mikey Steel, and many others) for a well run, fun, and exciting event. To Oski, owner of Tobacco Road, great place for a comp, and a most enthusiastic man too. 

Thanks to all and to Bill Holbrook for videoing the Full Beard Natural (over 8 inches) group for me and to him and his friend Audrey for hanging out and watching my stuff as I flitted around like a fly on a hot…. lol 



Full Beard Natural over 8 inches. L to R; Travis Oliver, Gary W Norman, Grizzly Stonewall Jackson, Jon Rice, and John Hazard.



L to R; Mikey Steel, Richard Sydney, and Austin Buchanan



Staniel McFranklin and myself chatting it up about Pipes and Pipe tobacco.



Bill Holbrook and Adam Consalvo


Me! this photo was taken by Oski of Tobacco Road.



…and my certificate of graduation! Each competitor was given one of these. 🙂



About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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