UFO Sighting – April 2012

April 21st, 2012 app 9:30-9:40 pm

It was a night like any other, and it was  time to ‘water’ the dog as I say. Taking my corgi out to do his business.  We walk straight out from the complex to the sidewalk (and mailboxes) and he piddles on the shrubs/grass. After Toby did his duty, we walked East on the sidewalk to the East end of the complex. As I walked, one of my neighbors was walking along the 2nd floor walkway with a buddy heading to the parking lot.  I got to the side of the complex and Toby was sniffing around. For some reason I looked up and saw this ‘thing’ moving at a high rate of speed, in the sky above. It was moving from the SW to NE and was brighter than anything else in the sky at the time.  I heard no sounds from it either. This was NOT a space sighting as this thing was much lower in the atmosphere, but was nowhere near the ground. I watched it a few seconds and decided to walk back to my condo. As I got into the center of the parking lot, my neighbor Tom shouted out ‘Gary, do you see that?’  I again looked up and saw the same thing, still moving fast.  It had 3 lights on it as best I could tell and they were arranged in the direction the ‘craft’ was moving. huge red lights on either end with what seemed to be a super bright white spotlight in the center. This craft, had it been a copter was not close enough to the ground for any spotlight to be useful.

My neighbor’s said it was a UFO and I said, naw it’s a copter isnt’ it?  Tom pointed out that it was travelling too fast for a copter and I had to agree. It also made no sounds; you can clearly hear a helicopter or a plane, especially when they’re flying that low. As the ‘craft’ moved over us and to the NE, then suddenly turned due East (toward the NASA base) we were still watching it and chatting. Suddenly, the lights blinked (I believe) and went completely out. As if it vanished!  The ‘craft’ did not disappear into a tree line or clouds or anything that broke up what we were seeing. It simply disappeared. It was a weird feeling for some reason to see this, but was cool at the same time.  I’ve seen several unexplained night sky visuals over the years here, but this is the first I’d say was a “UFO.” The other sightings were more like northern lights type things, not crafts.



I’ve lived near NASA and the Canaveral Air Station for many years and also relatively close to the Patrick Air Force Base too so I’ve seen many crafts of different configurations over the years from Super Sonic Jets, to copters both civilian and military,and many old bi-planes, blimps,  etc.  I’ve also seen a meteor up close and personal once that nearly hit a hotel in Melbourne beachside. I could see it clearly enough to describe it’s look too.  This craft I saw last night, as far as it’s lights and speed, was like nothing else i’ve ever seen.


About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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3 Responses to UFO Sighting – April 2012

  1. No way it was a drone? Cant help but come to mind whenever people mention the 3 pointer lights.

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