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CBC News Beard Transplants

CBC News Beard Transplants CBC News had contacted me about an interview for this article, but they wanted a Canadian’s Point of View, which is understandable. The site and myself got mention in the article..very cool! Below is the specific … Continue reading

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This man was a true Beardie!

This was sent into the Fan Page on Facebook by Kevin who stressed reading the inscription below the photo. ouch, but at least the Beard was unscathed!

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    So I finally had my eye exam, got my prescription, and finally got my glasses, one week later. My friend took me to the store to get them, and afterward decided she wanted to pick up a few … Continue reading

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How I Spend My Friday Night…

a friend, Chip Green, shared this on my Facebook page and I can’t stop laughing…so I figured I’d share it here too 😀

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My Vision; as in sight.

I’ve been  noticing that my vision isn’t what it used to be. This started in 2008 or 2009 when a buddy and I were on a business deal at the Orlando Auto Auction. The person we were to meet was … Continue reading

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Bulldog and The Society!

This video was made by a member of The Society of Bearded Gentlemen and his name is Reno and he hails from the great state of Maine.

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