We’ve Reached ‘Peak Beard?’

All these news articles have come out recently about the ‘hipster beard’ is dying out, and we’ve hit ‘Peak Beard’, and silly research stats included. This is ridiculous! Non-sense conjured up by razor companies it sounds like to me. We’ve reached ‘Peak Beard’ now, time to shave.  If 98% of the male population of the World was Bearded, perhaps then we’d reach that ‘peak’, but I’m so irritated by these articles.

What exactly IS a ‘hipster beard’ anyway? I assume it’s a beard attached to a hipster, and if that’s not it, then what? I’m also presuming that they’re referring to the ‘hipster’ fad of dress and look and not the actual beard as what’s dying out. If I’m wrong, then these folks need to be slapped, and hard.

We have a long way to go with this! Many companies still have anti-beard policies in place and until most of those are gone, I won’t be done here! My Beard is 6 1/2 years old now, and I’ve never tired of it, nor thought of shaving it. This is a journey and I’m not giving up this far into it! I (hopefully) have many more years of Bearding to go and I’m looking forward to them with anticipation!

‘Peak Beard’ my ass.



About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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2 Responses to We’ve Reached ‘Peak Beard?’

  1. Billly Budd says:

    I’m sure we have not reached Peak Beard. It is ridiculous to think so when a person goes into the market and prices the outrageous costs of razor blades.

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