Workin’ Out, Gettin Fit!

I’ve thought about this for years, and even inquired at the YMCA about joining, but their prices were outrageous and way out of my reach (unless I stop eating food). A good buddy had joined this gym called “Anytime Fitness” up north and he speaks highly of it.
Since April 1st, I’d made many changes to my diet, and started walking between 4-6 miles per day. On the 10th of July, I changed my route because of construction etc, and low and behold, I passed an “Anytime Fitness!” It took me a few days, but finally on Monday the 14th, I went in to talk to them. Apparently these new owners had just taken over in the past month. 2 young brothers now own it and it’s clean, very friendly, AND quite affordable at $34 a month with no sign up fees. The gym is open 24/7 which is cool, though for now I go when the owners are there in case I have questions about the machines or proper way to use them. Today concluded my 2nd week of working out.
I’d worked out in High School during Summer School as I needed the credits to graduate, and actually took Weight Training twice a day, 3 days a week; I REALLY needed the credits. Oddly I found I enjoyed lifting, but once that class was done I stopped bothering with it.
Fast forward 11 years and I’m living in Vermont and had a nasty auto accident coming home from Albany, NY on Nov 10th, 1991. Now my weight at this time was my average 176 pounds. Well by March of 1992 I weighed 260 lbs!!! The accident put me in two hospitals for 3 weeks, and months of therapies. The inactivity after the accident because of bone fractures etc, didn’t help.
My trauma doctor worried I had some disease or condition, I think it was Cushing’s Disease, if I remember correctly, so she sent me to a doctor to be tested. Dr Hearst is a wonderful doctor and he did the tests required and they all came back negative. Which meant I was just fat. lol He told me he didn’t want to put me ON a diet, but rather would give me suggestions that would help me lose the weight. I tried his suggestions, with exercise and lost 80 lbs in a bit over a year! Of course, once I reached my target weight, I stopped eating healthy and exercising. Over the years I’ve used Dr Heart’s suggestions and everytime I do, I lose a lot of weight. My weight has been a problem since the auto accident and I can’t just let it go now at nearly 52 years old.
Since April 1st, 2014 (til today 07-25-14), I’ve lost 33 lbs so far, and along with the ‘diet’, walking 4-6 miles per day, and weight training, I’m feeling better then ever! I do look forward to seeing results as time goes on in my muscles, my look, and how I feel. Very excited about this
IMAG6841 This is the contract and key for 24/7 Access!. [/caption]

I took this pic so I'd remember the hours of the staff.

I took this pic so I’d remember the hours of the staff.

some of the many machines offered at Anytime Fitness in Titusville, FL

some of the many machines offered at Anytime Fitness in Titusville, FL

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