Beards in the Media/Advertising

To say I don’t watch television much, is an understatement; I haven’t watched tv in many years, so when I’m around it, I tend to watch. I noticed two commercials today while I was at the gym that involved Beards. One is by a hotel chain (Wyndham Hotels)  and the other by a trading company (E*Trade). Both commercials caught my eye and had to move closer to watch and hear them.

The Wyndham Hotel commercial has a Wizard type guy, with a handsome red Beard, who apparently grants wishes (involving travel and Wyndham Hotels). It’s a subtle nod to the ‘popularity’ of the Beard and a cute commercial.

The other is by E* and is talking about market trends, while they show several men in ‘public’ wearing long beards, and ending at a man walking out of a barber, feeling his freshly shaven face and smiling.  They are wrong in that I don’t find this a ‘trend’, but more of an awakening. …and as they say, ‘masculinity is not a seasonal nor a fashion trend.’

Being a man, being able to be himself,  be Bearded and still be able to get a job is not a ‘trend.’  Though I’ve heard about all the Beards in the business world nowadays, I also still hear horror stories of Bearded men having to shave to get a job.  Understanding of course that jobs are not everywhere we’d like them to be, and having to ‘conform’ to get an income often means having to shave a Beard off, or trim one down to stubble to get that paycheck. 😦

I shared a moment in a local grocery store in a forum post on my site,, about me wandering around trying to find what I needed in our new, very large, grocery store. I had noted this older woman (perfect grandmother figure) coming towards me in a powered chair w/basket for shopping. As she passed me, I heard her say ‘you have a beautiful beard there sir!’ I quickly turned and said ‘Thank you!’ as she rolled by.  Certainly put a spring in my step and added a little more shine to my day; I haven’t gotten them lately, but I have had folks, complete strangers, walk up to me and tell me I should shave.  Should I come back with their fashion choice of the day, their hairstyle, or other personal choice of clothing/accessories?


About Gary W Norman

54 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, Dog Lover, Coffee & Tea Fiend, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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2 Responses to Beards in the Media/Advertising

  1. I get so many compliments now that my beard is a beard. People of all types will stop what they are doing or even come to me to compliment it. The more of us who grow, the more that full large beards will be accepted.

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