My Mom or My DNA?

As most of my friends (and family) know, I was adopted in Augusta, GA on August 3rd, 1962.  I was 3 days old when my folks got me, and from later stories, I learned my Father did not want me to know I was adopted, so he took my birth certificate to court and had the word ‘Foster’ stricken from it. My Mom however, had other ideas and told me I was adopted when I was around 7 years old I think.  She also gave me a book called ‘The Chosen Baby’ which I read many times and have since lost.

My (Foster) Mom had noted the nurses in the Maternity Ward, referred to me as ‘Baby Roof.’ My (Foster) Mom, being the inquisitive woman she was, moseyed around the Maternity Ward looking for the name ‘Roof’ on any of the doors. She did indeed find one, and said when she opened the door, there was a young woman (between 14-18), who had very white skin, and bright red hair. My (Foster) Mom wanted an idea of what I’d look like when I grew up. Well as y’all know, my skin is very Olive colored, have dark eyes, and my hair was black, at one time.

me 1962

me 1962

Every year when my birthday would roll around, my (Foster) Mom would say “I bet your mother thinks about you today.” …and I’d say maybe, but do you really think so? She always said as a woman, she’d never forget having a baby and never seeing it.  She encouraged me over the years to find my biological mother, but I never had much interest in doing so. My (Foster) Parents were my parents, period.

I decided to satisfy my (Foster) Mom’s suggestion, and tried a couple of times over the years to find out any information on my biological mom. In my Senior year in High School (1981), I wrote the Doctor who delivered me, and gave him info my (Foster) Mom had put into my baby book.  I got a response saying how amazed they were that I had the information that I did have, but that they don’t keep the records, the hospital did. Well that simple attempt satisfied me, and I dropped the subject from my active thoughts for the time.

9 years later, when i was a Senior at Florida State University (1990), I again got an urge to write a letter, and this time it was to the Augusta Memorial Hospital (where I was born).  I did eventually get a response from the hospital telling me that the hospital had burned to the ground in 1968 and they had no record of my birth. I suddenly started feeling alien having no birth records anymore!

a long time ago lol

in my high chair, jumper, whatever it’s called. early 1960’s (62 or 63)

Here it is 2015, I’m 53 years old, and again have a slight taste of curiosity in my mind. Having thought about it over the many years of my past, I’ve thought that there is one more place I can check about my adoption, and that is the County of Richmond, GA. I was adopted through the county agency and I’m sure there would be records there somewhere. I do however still consider my (Foster) Parents, my only parents and really don’t have much urge to know who my biological mother was; though with all the medical issues I’ve had over the years, family medical history was/has been a concern.

Spent the day with a long time and much loved friend!

53rd Birthday. Spent the day with a long time and much loved friend! 2015

My main interest now is to know my heritage, NOT who my folks were; I know who they were, they loved me, raised me well, took care of me, and I couldn’t  have asked for better parents. I know their family history too, being “Normans”, I know they trace back to the Vikings. I am however of a different blood, and am fascinated as to where my roots may lie.  I’ve looked around on line and the costs of DNA testing vary from about $120 and up. Being 53 years old now, and knowing I won’t live forever, I’d like to find out in the near future, so I can have that info to chew on and ponder.

North Augusta, SC c.1967 maybe? some television station.

North Augusta, SC c.1967 maybe? some television station.

Both of my (Foster) parents have passed this World now, Mom in 08/1999 (aged 74), and Dad in 12/2002 (aged 81), and I still miss them, love them more than ever, and know they’re with me always.   I am however still curious about my heritage and many friends over the years have made guesses at it; They’ve guessed Italian, Greek, Puerto Rican, and even Black. I do hope to satisfy my curiosity someday soon.

I’m on long term disability and my income isn’t enough to pay for something like this, but I still dream of having a DNA test done, both on my Maternal and Paternal sides. I should do a ‘go fund me’ project. 🙂

This was probably taken in Daytona Beach, FL.

This was probably taken in Daytona Beach, FL.

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3 Responses to My Mom or My DNA?

  1. TAO says:

    Good luck with your search. Georgia has what is called a confidential intermediary program where the searcher can look at your records, search, make contact, ask permission. It’s a $300 charge but they also waive the fee if you have financial challenges. They require you to first get your non-identifying info from the state (which may be all you actually want and/or answers enough questions).

    Knowing your roots is amazing, I’ve spent countless hours learning who my ancestors were, what paths they travelled, what challenges they had to overcome. It was and is well worth the time and knowledge I’ve gained. And the family health history is priceless…

    If you want to search first on your own – don’t use your day of birth or gender – just month, year, state and always look at the month before/after and then whittle them done. Memories fade, other relatives may not have details but is searching, and finally, sometimes mothers were deliberately told their baby was the opposite sex, or denied knowing altogether if it was a girl or boy. Our era wasn’t kind to mothers.

    Last thought: you could look up Roof in yearbooks online or in person if you still live in the area and see if you can find a match and then if you need help you could ask for a search angel to assist (search angels don’t charge).

    • Thank you and I agree, though as far as medical history goes, I’m a bit old to be bothering I think, as much can be credited to environment too. The way we lived, ate, etc. I’m more interested in the lineage/heritage; not so much who,when,nor where. I see it kind of as my biological mother made the decision to let me go whether for personal reasons or family pressure. I am one adoption registry, and shortly after I joined, someone sent me info on the Roof family in Augusta, but it made no sense to me whatsoever lol

    • Thank you too for the information! Much appreciated 🙂

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