The Search Continues… v. 3.0

dated July 3rd, 1963. My Birthdate is August 3rd, 1962

dated July 3rd, 1963. My Birthdate is August 3rd, 1962

As many of you know I was adopted in August of 1962 at 3 days old. Most of my life, my foster mom encouraged me to look up my biological mom, saying “I’m sure she must think of you when your birthday rolls around, and wonders where you are.’ I never had any desire to do so as my foster parents were my parents and that’s all I needed to know.

By the time I was a Senior in high school (1981), I decided to write a letter and chose the doctor who delivered me. I gave them information that my foster mom had written in my baby book. I received a letter back saying they were surprised I had as much information as I did, but they didn’t keep the records there; The records were kept at the hospital. Just writing this letter satisfied any urge I may have had to search for my biological parents, and I set it aside.

I again had that urge when I was a Senior in college (1990), and wrote the hospital where I’d been born, with the same information the previous letter had in it. I did hear back from the hospital, but with the news that the hospital had burned to the ground in 1968 and all records were lost, so they had no record of my birth. Kind of made me feel like an alien. lol

Now it’s 2015, years after the last letter, I’ve had time to think about this and have wondered about my heritage. My foster Mom had seen my biological mother (supposedly) and said she was between 14 and 18 yrs old, was very pale white, with bright red hair. Well I sure didn’t get anything from her, if that was her my mom saw. I’d also thought that I had one last avenue to search, and that was through the State of Georgia, Richmond County.  I’ve had theories about her and how I came about, with Augusta being so close to Ft. Gordon, GA. I figured it was an army man passing through.   A friend had sent me a link to Families First of Georgia, a state organization that helps reunite adoptees and their families or gives non-identifying information, etc. I was adopted through the state, and this organization only deals with state adoptions.  I’ve decided once again to try this, for my foster mom of course (whom passed in August of 1999). I have given the state of Georgia permission to release my contact information to my biological family, IF they’ve made any attempts to find me, or do in the future. 


Now to sit back and see or hear, if anything comes of it! Should or could be interesting!

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