Adoption Records Hunt continues…

Well GARR (Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry) called me today wanting me to move forward and order a copy of my original birth certificate. I asked what information would it have on it? My adoption records tell me practically nothing; no names, no descriptions, no medical history, nothing. My biological mother didn’t name me, and signed me over for adoption at the time of my birth, so I can’t imagine what an original birth certificate will tell me.

If it has a name on it, and they discover my biological mother has passed this World, they’d give me her name. If she’s alive, they won’t. Interesting. They clearly want to search for her, and I’ve explained on a couple of times now, that I’m not interested in finding her, nor meeting her. My mother, the one who raised me, and the only Mom I know, has passed and I’m fine with that. GARR told me I had one month to decide, then my records would be closed.

I’m probably going to order a copy of the original birth certificate, and let GARR do what they seem to be itching to do; a search for my biological mother.  I’ve zero interest in her as a mother; she made a decision, and gave me up for adoption; I’m fine with that too. I’ve no drive to meet her (if she’s still alive) or knowing much more about her than her ancestral background.

It still astounds me that my adoption records contain almost no information.  The only things it did tell me was that my biological mother was the same race and religion as my adoptive parents, she was single, and ‘culturally lower.’ I’m guessing that means she didn’t attend the Opera too often.

The hunt continues….


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One Response to Adoption Records Hunt continues…

  1. In reading your words I feel emotion. One I cannot fully understand simply because I am not in your shoes. Do what you want, not what an agency wants. Whatever choice that us right for you, is the right choice.

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