Calculating Protein Intake

I work out 5 days a week at the gym, for 1-2.5 hrs per day, plus I walk on average 20 miles per week (not on a treadmill), and I’m curious as to how much protein I should be taking in, in my diet. I’ve checked out 7+ protein calculators and they are all over the place!

After I’d checked one calculator out, I figured I’d try another and take an average. That may not work so well after checking several. If I followed some of these suggestions, I think I’d weigh in at around 300#, and currently I’m at 213# and looking to lose some more weight. I checked out,,,,, and  Most of these asked me about activity levels, though some didn’t and were based solely on my weight. The following is the list of the results.

A. Dr’s Chart – 56g of protein per day  (avg. for a 53 yr old man)

B. – 76 – 268g of protein

C. – 245g

D. MuscleMilk – 160g

E. – 77.4g

F. – 171 – 182g per day

G. – 136-155g per day.


Um, okay. lol  So goodness, I guess maybe an average of all of these? Currently, I take in approximately 50-60g per day in my regular diet. (by ‘diet’ I don’t mean a special freaky weight loss thing, but my regular daily intake)



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4 Responses to Calculating Protein Intake

  1. The ADA (a group of people who went to college and read books) recommends between 1-0.8 grams per kilogram of protein per day.
    For you, that’s about 80-100 grams.
    Bodybuilders and weightlifters usually eat double that.
    So 200 grams per day for you.
    If you’re doing weight training in the gym, that’s the number I’d recommend you try to get closer to.
    But, maybe the book-readers are right.
    (They are, from time to time.)

  2. Careful on the protein front though. While you should probably be taking in a little more than you currently are, calculations for a bodybuilder are generally way more than us in our early 50’s need. In order for a body builder to get huge he or she must take in massive amounts (200g) and they are usually younger and often on the “juice”. In our fifties our testosterone levels have already receded and no matter how much protein we take in and how much we work out we will ultimately just end up gaining fat if too much protein is ingested as our testosterone is too low to get huge muscle gain….unless we are artificially “juiced”. Thus knowing my age, which is dangerously close to yours, 80-100g a day is more the goal. We can look great at our age without gaining unnecessary fat and develope the lean muscle our natural body will build.

    • Even upping my protein a bit, I’m still not near what is suggested, so I think I’m still okay with intake and am losing some weight too, thankfully. Thank you on the input my friend!

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