The 411 on Gary



I’m aged 52 years, an ole bachelor, dedicated beardsman, pipe smoker, coffee & tea fiend, dog lover, photographer/artist, general Bohemian, hapless romantic, network creator, a budding superstar and coffee house philosopher!!! lol I enjoy nature, wild animals, taking walks, being on the beach or in the mountains. I like being alone or with friends too, on a long drive or at home curled up on the couch. I love music (Classical, Techno, and Country being my faves) and pretty much have to have it on all the time. I’ll listen to anything (at least once!) I’m a gun owner, since I  ‘inherited’ Smith&Wesson .38 snub nose!

I’ve graduated from a private business college, a community college, received a certificate from the Universitat Konstanz  (where I attended class in the Summer of 1985) in Germany, and finally from The Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL . I received my Bachelors Degree in 1990 in the Humanities after an 8 year journey. The Humanities had an ‘interdepartmental’ major and minor. (I majored in Art History and minored in The Golden Age of Greece {5th & 4th Cs BCE}) I also studied Roman Law, Roman Military Maneuvers, Egyptology and both the Old and New Testaments from The Bible.   After that I accepted a job with a company out of Rocky Hill, CT and moved to Greenfield, MA momentarily and then off to Bennington, VT where I spent 8 wonderful years. In Nov of 1991 I was involved in a near fatal auto accident driving home from Albany, NY when I fell asleep at the wheel. That ended my short-lived career, but I stayed in Vermont for another 7 years. It’s good for the soul 😀 I moved back to Florida in 1998 to help my folks out and have since lost them both. So here I am in Titusville, FLA and have recently moved into a much larger, newly rennovated condominium upstairs from the one I own.

I was the President of my Condo Association here for about 6 years, on the BOD for 7, and landscaper/lawn maintenance for 8 1/2 years. It’s an old complex, but solid as a rock and well maintained.  The condo is situated on the 16th tee of the Royal Oak Golf Course and Resort here in town. It’s a decent place, (looks like an old ‘motor court’ type hotel) is relatively quiet and we have lots of critters around to watch; mostly birds, but we have River Otters and Alligators too on occasion.

I try to be the best friend and neighbor that I can be, calling it Southern Hopsitality! I was born in Augusta, Georgia in 1962 and adopted at 3 days old.  I lived there until I was 12, when my Father retired from his Government job at Ft. Gordon, GA. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in Orlando, Daytona Beach, FL,  and Myrtle Beach, SC. I have also lived in Melbourne, Palm Bay, West Melbourne,Tallahassee, and Titusville, FL, Greenfield, MA, and Bennington, VT. The latter of them is my favorite spot. Beautiful surroundings and low crime rates. I’ll take the mountains over malls any day!

My moniker (Buddha Bear)  is taken from the ‘Laughing Buddha’ with his arms raised high over his head and a huge smile on his face, not because I’m Buddhist (because  I’m, but because of his belly and his happiness! I practice my own mix of Christianity, Buddhism, and’s what makes ya happy that counts right?! My main aim is to be happy and live my life with as little or no negative impact on those around me. Everyone deserves a certain amount of respect! My personal quote is ‘I smile in the face of Adversity!’  and a sayin of mine ‘if you’re not a man of your word, what kind of man are you?’

Please check out and  I’m on Facebook as Gary W Norman, Bearded Gents, and have a fan page The Society of Bearded Gentlemen. I’m on Twitter as @The_BeardedGent and on YouTube as BuddhaBear62 and BeardedGentsdotcom (I think). lol

7 Responses to The 411 on Gary

  1. David says:

    wwooff my friend Gary, you are fantastic man, here David, I am Professional Ingeniery Civil Industrial and I have one MBA, in Bussines. I like the techno music

  2. Gary,
    I would be honored to feature you as a beard of the day over on Fearsomebeard. If you are inclined, choose a photo you would like posted and send it to
    Also with your permission I would like to post the link to your bearded gentleman you tube video.

  3. dave says:

    i just love this! my beard, my pipe, my guns, and my dog who is gone and can,t be replaced. sadly. peace to our bros and sis in O. karma will win out one day.

  4. arabeard says:

    Wow that is one epic beard! Love how smooth it looks, and the awesome color.

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