The Results Are In!! Ethnicity Estimates

After 47 years of wondering (I was told at age 7 that I was adopted), and more recently attempting to find my biological mother, then anxiously awaiting my DNA results; the DNA test results are in!.dna-results-09-10-16

Being adopted, I had NO idea what the results would look like, though I’d kind of expected the results to be more in the Middle East Region. Looks like I’m more Celt than anything, which suits me just fine! My adoptive family are Normans, and I think my ethnicity estimate fits that nicely!  The DNA results came along with a list of probable/possible family members from 3rd cousins back. The list is over 1000 people long. There are however no family members listed that are more closely related to me than 3rd cousins.  That was somewhat a buzz kill as I’d imagined that my biological mother might have done this test and would have shown up in my results.  That’s probably the only way I’ll ever found out who she is (with or without a meeting) because she turned down a phone call in February from GARR (the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry), and hasn’t responded to a letter they sent he in June.


I’m quite excited about getting my results and only wish my folks were still with me to put their two cents in on the results lol



Explaining ‘Trace Regions.’


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