The Present Makes Sense of The Past?

I’d previously written in a blog that as a child growing up in Augusta, Georgia, I’d told folks I was Anglo-Saxon. (Note Here – I was adopted at 3 days old)  I was around 5 or so when I started saying this, but my folks are not British, directly and I’m not sure where I’d have gotten this idea from.  My Dad was a History major in college, but he only ever spoke of the Normans, of which his family is descended from.  I also wrote that I used to get in trouble in my early years in school for spelling words like the British do. It always seemed odd to me, though I didn’t spend too much time thinking about this as I grew up. It was what it was, and that was that.

Let’s jump from c.1967 to 2016, and I have a DNA test done, and find, fascinatingly so, that nearly 3/4 of my DNA is from Great Britain. There’s also some Scandinavian and Irish in there too, but I wonder does this make sense of my past behavior? (excuse me, behaviour!)


About Gary W Norman

59 yr old Beardsman, Pipe smoker, Network Creator/Webmaster, College Grad, love dogs, turtles, coffee, tea, and liquor, Romantic, Photographer/Artist, Music lover, Nature lover, budding superstar and Coffee Shop Philosopher, OCD, bipolar.
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2 Responses to The Present Makes Sense of The Past?

  1. Ahhh, a Proper British Beard!

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